Brief History of Lucky Strike

It was 1948. On Broadway, Henry Fonda was starring in Mister Roberts, Ben Hogan was the top golfer in the U.S., Cleveland beat the Boston Braves in the World Series, and the Berlin Airlift began. In Chicopee, Massachusetts, Charlie Dugre (and partner Sam Carrigan) opened a combination variety store and sandwich shop over the Lucky Strike Bowling Alley.

Some seven years later, Charlie struck out on his own, launching the Lucky Strike Lunch in 1955. It was hard work (he was open from 5 in the morning until midnight, seven days a week) but it paid off. The Lucky Strike was well on its way to becoming one of the most popular eateries in the Pioneer Valley.

A decade later (and the year of the great Northeast blackout) Charlie introduced healthy Broasted™ chicken. An expanding menu and the Broasting™ process helped establish Lucky Strike as a favorite family restaurant. The Grattan Street location became, and has remained, a favorite gathering place of area pols and business people, and devotees of healthy and hearty American meals.

Today, the next generation runs things at Lucky Strike. Charlie’s kids, Michael and Michele, are at the helm of Chicopee’s oldest family-owned restaurant. And you can become part of Lucky Strike history when you sit at the quintessential icon of byegone luncheonettes, the breakfast/lunch counter.